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Newbies Guides to Finance

Providing their own unique twist to the usual dry textbooks, this series of financial guides is written in a conversational way by an experienced financial educator.

Starting from an assumption that the reader, while intelligent, has not been exposed to the concepts explained, and wants to know the practical methods to advance their knowledge, the guides are to the point and easily understood.


The stock market conjures up all sorts of images, but do you really understand what it’s about? You need to if you have any sort of investments, as even your 401K is closely linked to the performance of the markets.

If you want to be more adventurous, you can invest in the market directly using your IRA retirement account. Either way, you risk missing out if you stay on the sidelines, and don’t learn about what stocks and shares can do for you.

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This guide, available on Kindle, explains it in easy terms
Explaining the Stock Market for Newbies